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Shopping Portal products and products featured at handmade by artists .com are from independent artisans, often through merchants committed to promoting high-quality artisan products.  Click the tabs for merchant info and to see a sampling of their products.  Heartful Village has an affiliate relationship with these merchants and earns a commission on sales of their products.

  • Sari Scarf

    Sari Scarf

  • Mid Clog Buckle Toe Mule in Ruby

  • Rustic Leather Writer’s Book

  • Under the Blue Sky Scarf


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ABLE is a lifestyle brand focused on ending generational poverty through providing economic opportunity for women. To see all my handpicked handmade ABLE products, click here.

  • Rosa Leather Sandal

    Rosa Sandal

  • Rosa Sandal

    $98.00 $88.00
  • Alem Weekender

  • Lisbeth Loafer


Amazon is the largest marketplace on the internet, selling pretty much anything and everything that can be sold online. And buried in that mass of mostly mass-produced stuff, there are lots of artisan wares to be found. To see all my handpicked handmade Amazon products, click here.

  • Lace Rim Medium Bowl

  • Small Bowl, Harlequin’s Flower

  • Square Ikebana Flower Vase, Red Zen

  • Garden Party Large Bowl


Buddha Groove is a family owned business based in New York that partners with artists all over the world in bringing products that illuminate and inspire. Many Buddha Groove designs originate from artisan traditions in places such as South America, India, Indonesia, Tibet, Nepal, and Thailand. To see all handpicked Buddha Groove products, click here.

  • Thich Nhat Hanh Peace Quote Pendant Necklace

  • Sterling Silver Thich Nhat Hanh Breathe Necklace

  • Thich Nhat Hanh This Is It Pendant Necklace

    Thich Nhat Hanh This Is It Pendant Necklace

  • Karmic Loop Necklace, What Goes Around Comes Around


Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect, both online and offline, to make, sell and buy unique goods.  There are a few products by Etsy artisans in the Shopping Portal.  There are also a number of Etsy artisans, with affiliate links to their shops, in the Handmade Directory, where you may also find links to features and reviews of their products at the Heartful Blog.  To see all handpicked Etsy products, click here.

  • Back Sack Purse, Copper Backsac Bag

    Copper Backsac Bag

  • Ruby and Gold Earrings

    Natural Ruby Cabochon Round Pendant in 18k Gold

  • High Heel Buckle Toe Mule in Copper

  • Low Wedge Buckle Toe Ankle in Ruby


Modern Artisans, based in North Carolina, offers products handcrafted by skilled contemporary American artists and craftsmen as an alternative to the mass-produced products found in most malls and gift stores.  To see all handpicked Modern Artisans products, click here.

  • Soul Awake Wing Earrings

    Soul Awake Wing Earrings

  • Urban Craftsman Heartwood Valet Box

    Urban Craftsman Heartwood Valet Box

  • Floral Fairy Earrings : Queen of Hearts

    Floral Fairy Earrings : Queen of Hearts

  • Gemstone Flower Bauble Necklace, Red Jasper

    Gemstone Flower Bauble Necklace, Red Jasper

Novica is a Fair Trade organization based in California and dedicated to providing global artisans fair prices, no binding contracts, and the freedom to make a success of their craft by building a sustainable business. Novica customers are able to purchase unique high-value handmade products while they also help nurture and elevate the craft of global artisans.  To see all handpicked Novica products, click here.

  • Pin tuck scarf, 'Royal Blue Transition'

    Pin tuck scarf, ‘Royal Blue Transition’

  • Cotton scarf, ‘Orchid Shimmer’

  • Jade pendant necklace, 'Quetzal Eclipse

    Jade pendant necklace, ‘Quetzal Eclipse

  • 100% alpaca hooded ruana cloak, 'Peru Deco'

    100% alpaca hooded ruana cloak, ‘Peru Deco’

Sundance Catalog Company was founded in 1989 by Robert Redford to promote the works of artists and craftspeople. Today Sundance Catalog is one of the nation’s leading lifestyle retailers offering predominately exclusive products ranging from women’s and men’s clothing, jewelry and accessories and home decor.  To see all handpicked Sundance Catalog products, click here.

  • Capitol Chain Necklace

    Capitol Chain Necklace

  • Sterling Silver Elephant Charm

    Sterling Silver Elephant Charm

  • Sterling Crossways Ring

    Sterling Crossways Ring

  • Diamond Pod Ring

    Diamond Pod Ring

UncommonGoods is a New York based company offering creatively designed, high-quality merchandise at affordable prices. They place a premium on creativity and the expression of individuality, and have set out to create a business that makes uncommon goods accessible to everyone.  To see all handpicked UncommonGoods, click here.

  • Ray Gun Sculpture

    Ray Gun Sculpture

  • Sunflower Aromatherapy Necklace

    $200.00 $139.99
  • Bicycle Bookends

    Bicycle Bookends

  • Under the Blue Sky Scarf