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This is a listing of artists and artisans in Handmade Lookup with links to their Etsy shops.

Photo of Jeanette Zeis Jeanette Zeis

Handmade Pottery Tableware Jeanette Zeis Ceramics is a tiny pottery in Portland, Oregon. Having recently moved to the Pacific Northwest from Atlanta, Georgia- Jeanette is trying to balance long hikes in the woods with a productive pottery studio practice. Kenn Twofour provides the photography skills and the behind-the-scenes cheerleading. A full-time potter since 2008, Jeanette loves working with clay.…

Photo of Rocky Top Soap Shop Rocky Top Soap Shop

Herbal Soaps, Unscented Soaps. Vegan Soaps When crossing the Maine state border from the south the welcoming sign to the state reads, “MAINE The way life should be”. And once that border has been crossed there is a transformation that takes place. The traffic dissipates. The clouds may even clear to reveal blue skies. A more relaxed state permeates.…

Photo of Bright Moon Designs Bright Moon Designs

Contemporary Stained Glass Suncatchers and Panels I love to create in paint, pastels, mosaics, stained glass, and collage. My background in art is a degree in Studio Art with focus in printmaking and painting from the University of Texas. I've held various jobs in the graphic arts and have pursued fine art when possible. There's quite a creative arts bloodline on my Dad's side---jewelers, painters, mosaicists and metal workers.…

Photo of Flux Productions Flux Productions

Handmade Leather Bags & Accessories flux is a small company which emphasizes care and craft rather than mass production. every piece is made by hand in my fort greene studio and each piece is unique. i use the highest quality leathers and hardware to make truly unique and lasting bags and accessories. I started Flux Productions while studying painting and design at Cooper Union.…

Photo of The Furnace The Furnace

We are an artisan glass studio owned by artists Corey Silverman.  From blown glass pumpkins to wall sculptures to vases, we offer an array of stylish, artistic, and functional blown glass items. What you'll find here includes our experimental works as well as overstock items from our standard production lines. Always unique, always beautiful!

Photo of Mudgoddess Mudgoddess

Handmade Clay Sculpture After working in the horticulture field for over 20 years another form of mud captured my attention. Never thinking that making things out of clay would become my full time occupation. I began making pots for my Bonsai collection. One thing lead to another and eventually I began teaching clay techniques to others as I learned.…

Photo of Xenotees Xenotees

Xenotees all began with a few ideas in a sketchbook. Now you can find my work all over the world! Everything is made in the USA, & hand-screened in my Philadelphia studio. My original designs are available on women’s, men’s & children’s clothing, along with canvas tote bags, jersey scarves, Pima pillowcases, & tea towels.

Photo of Small Bird Handcrafted Jewelry Small Bird Handcrafted Jewelry

Handcrafted Silver & Stone Jewelry My name is Jenna and I'm a jewelry maker and teacher from Rochester, NY. I am inspired by nature, color, beauty found in simple objects and elements, and the juxtaposition of the elegant and the unrefined.

Photo of Slow Loris Studio Slow Loris Studio

Hand Screened Original Art Tee Shirts Slow Loris came to life in Oakland, California in the spring of 1997. Inside a very small storage room in the basement garage of an old cannery building, the very first t-shirts were printed. After graduating from CCAC in 1998, Slow Loris founder Jessica Lynch left Oakland and returned home to Washington state.…