Mixed Metals Jewelry

This mixed metals jewelry collection features rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces that combine different metals, usually silver and gold, as part of the jewelry design.  These pieces highlight the beauty of one metal by displaying it alongside or over another metal.

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  • Bracelet, 'So Close'

    Bracelet, ‘So Close’

  • Caviar Tears Earrings

    Caviar Tears Earrings

  • Mixed Metals Rings, Super Slender Stacking Rings

    Super Slender Stacking Rings

  • Tourmaline Garden Earrings

  • Sterling Stacking Rings by tinahdee

    Sterling Stacking Rings with Gold Nugget

  • Gift Of Love Necklace

    Gift Of Love Necklace

  • Grandmother's Garden of Love Necklace

    Grandmother’s Garden of Love Necklace

  • Busy Bees Clockwork Earrings

    Busy Bees Clockwork Earrings

  • Royalty Ring

    Royalty Ring

  • Eye Of The Tiger Earrings

    Eye Of The Tiger Earrings

  • Three Of A Ruby Ring

    $148.00 $79.99
  • Interlocking Eternity Circles Earrings

    Interlocking Eternity Circles Earrings

  • Pinned Pearl Necklace

  • Sapphire River Ring

  • Endless Loops Of Love Earrings

    Endless Loops Of Love Earrings

  • Double Banded Moonstone Ring

    Double Banded Moonstone Ring