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UncommonGoods is a New York based company offering creatively designed, high-quality merchandise at affordable prices. They place a premium on creativity and the expression of individuality, and have set out to create a business that makes uncommon goods accessible to everyone. These handpicked handmade UncommonGoods products and artisans are my favorites from the extensive UncommonGoods catalog. The price range slider shows the range of prices in whatever category you’re viewing, but you can adjust it to your budget. Just move the ball on the left toward the middle to your lowest price and move the ball on the right toward the middle to your highest price. Then click Filter. You can also change the sorting from newness to sort by price. To see all Heartful Merchants, click here.

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  • Ray Gun Sculpture

    Ray Gun Sculpture

  • Sky Gazer Pendant by Emilie Shapiro

    Sky Gazer Pendant

    $132.00 $79.99
  • Necklace for Daughter by BB Becker

    Necklace for Daughter: Dear Daughter

  • Christine Street Inspirational Necklace

    Be Truthful Be Gentle Be Fearless Necklace

  • Dear Granddaughter Necklace

  • Men’s Warming Slippers

  • Mantra Necklaces by Christine Street

    Mantra Necklaces

  • Tree Ring Pen

    Tree Ring Pen

  • Catherine Weitzman Bee Necklace

    Benevolent Bee Honeycomb Necklace

  • Sari Scarf

    Sari Scarf

  • Crushed Gems Birthstone Necklace

  • Goto Venetian Wine Glasses - Set of 6

    Goto Venetian Wine Glasses – Set of 6

  • Floral Heart Necklaces

  • Eye Glasses Holder

    Eye Glasses Holder

  • Literary Scarves

    Literary Scarves

  • Heart in Hand

    Heart in Hand