Handpicked Novica Products

Novica is a Fair Trade organization based in California and dedicated to providing global artisans fair prices, no binding contracts, and the freedom to make a success of their craft by building a sustainable business. Novica customers are able to purchase unique high-value handmade products while they also help nurture and elevate the craft of global artisans.  These handpicked Novica products and artisans are some of my favorites from the extensive Novica catalog. The price range slider shows the range of prices in whatever category you’re viewing, but you can adjust it to your budget. Just move the ball on the left toward the middle to your lowest price and move the ball on the right toward the middle to your highest price. Then click Filter. You can also change the sorting from newness to sort by price. To see all Heartful Merchants, click here.

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  • Pin tuck scarf, 'Royal Blue Transition'

    Pin tuck scarf, ‘Royal Blue Transition’

  • Wool rug, ‘Pastel Calendar’ (6×8) (Peru)

  • Pearl choker, ‘Pink Web of Beauty’

  • Jade link bracelet, 'Geometric Enigma'

    Jade link bracelet, ‘Geometric Enigma’

  • Jute handbag, 'Salvador Nature in Black'

    Jute handbag, ‘Salvador Nature in Black’

  • Alpaca blend poncho with hood, 'Eternal Magic'

    Alpaca blend poncho with hood, ‘Eternal Magic’

  • Wood bangle bracelet, 'Black Rose Blossom'

    Wood bangle bracelet, ‘Black Rose Blossom’

  • 100% alpaca cape, 'Baroque Andes'

    100% alpaca cape, ‘Baroque Andes’

  • Silk scarf, 'Roses and Red Wine'

    Silk scarf, ‘Roses and Red Wine’

  • Sterling silver pendant necklace, 'Glistening Leaf'

    Sterling silver pendant necklace, ‘Glistening Leaf’

  • Tie-dyed scarf, 'Smoky Carnation'

    Tie-dyed scarf, ‘Smoky Carnation’

  • Wool table runner, ‘Birds of Life’ (Peru)

  • Bali Blue

  • Bone bangle bracelet, 'Delhi Myth'

    Bone bangle bracelet, ‘Delhi Myth’

  • Damask shawl, 'Pink Snow Blossoms'

    Damask shawl, ‘Mandarin Pink’

  • Silk scarf, 'Green Wilderness'

    Silk scarf, ‘Green Wilderness’