This collection of accessories includes handmade scarves and shawls, many by Thai silk and batik artisan Vinita, and some really cool handmade belts.  The price range slider shows the range of prices in whatever category you’re viewing, but you can adjust it to your budget.  Just move the ball on the left toward the middle to your lowest price and move the ball on the right toward the middle to your highest price.  Then click Filter.  You can also change the sorting from newness to sort by price.  From any subcategory, you can get back to the top category page by clicking Accessories in the breadcrumbs above Options.

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  • Silk scarf, 'Cool Evolution'

    Silk scarf, ‘Cool Evolution’

  • Silk scarf, 'Olive Mystique'

    Silk scarf, ‘Olive Mystique’

  • Varanasi silk shawl, 'Apple Orchard'

    Varanasi silk shawl, ‘Apple Orchard’

  • Scarf, 'Fabulous Sea'

    Scarf, ‘Fabulous Sea’

  • Silk shawl, 'Pale Dawn Sky'

    Silk shawl, ‘Pale Dawn Sky’

  • Tie-dyed scarf, 'Smoky Rose'

    Tie-dyed scarf, ‘Smoky Rose’

  • Recycled Bike Tread Belts

  • Silk scarves, 'Turquoise Fantasy' (pair)

    Silk scarves, ‘Turquoise Fantasy’ (pair)

  • Jamawar wool shawl, 'Lavender Extravaganza'

    Jamawar wool shawl, ‘Lavender Extravaganza’

  • Silk shawl, 'Lavender Melody'

    Silk shawl, ‘Lavender Melody’

  • Jamawar wool shawl, 'Indian Sunset'

    Jamawar wool shawl, ‘Indian Sunset’

  • Jamawar wool shawl, 'Indian Jacaranda'

    Jamawar wool shawl, ‘Indian Jacaranda’

  • Cotton shawl, ‘Atitlan Nights’

  • Silk and cotton shawl, 'White Harmony'

    Silk and cotton shawl, ‘White Harmony’

  • Wool shawl, 'Floral Daydream'

    Wool shawl, ‘Floral Daydream’

  • Cotton and Silk Shawl

    Cotton and silk shawl, ‘Rose Radiance’