It’s now way easier to buy handmade jewelry, handmade clothing, and more

Without leaving this site, you can easily shop and buy good handmade jewelry, clothing, home products, and more. Everything here was made by skilled indie designers and artisans. And everything here is handpicked by me. It used to be hard to find and buy handmade products online, especially high-quality artisan products. That’s why I started Heartful Village in the first place. And, back in the beginning, I’d have to scour through gazillions of abandoned websites and crocheted pot holders and all kinds of stuff to find skilled artisans who made really good products. And who also had a way to sell them online. Then, as now, I’d add them to the handmade directory to help other shoppers find them too.

But things change, and eventually there were so many shops selling handmade products that my job became less about hunting and more about sifting.  That’s what lead to the original shopping portal.  I needed a way to present products, not just websites, to my site visitors, because shoppers are looking for things they can buy right now.  The Handmade Shopping Portal provides a way for me to handpick products from different websites and present them to shoppers in one place, eliminating the need for them to find and sift through all those different websites themselves.  And serious buyers of handmade products like it.  Over the years, the shopping portal has become the most popular place in the Village..

Well things continue to change and that first handmade shopping portal found itself in need of an update.  And that’s what lead to this new one.  It’s easy to use, it displays products beautifully, and it works wonderfully on all of your devices, large screen or small, stationary or mobile. New products are being added here constantly in every category, so be sure to check back often, ok?

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