Handmade Stacking Rings

People have been loading their fingers up with multiple rings probably as long as people have worn rings (which is probably as long as people have had fingers). But the construction of stackable (or stacking or stacked) rings is relatively new. These are rings that are made to be worn together, so you don’t have try on/take off till you get the perfect balance (or at least come close to it).  And they are a perfect balance of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. All you have to do is put them on.  Stacked rings are also a great way to buy all at once several really nice rings that can also be worn individually.  This handpicked collection of handmade stacking rings offers options in gold and silver, some with stones or pearls.  And several different artists are included.

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  • Diamond Stacking Ring

    Diamond Stacking Ring

  • Silver Amethyst Ring, Mystical Muse

    Amethyst with Sterling Silver Stacking Rings