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  • Wool and silk shawl, 'Lemon Green Bliss'

    Wool and silk shawl, ‘Lemon Green Bliss’

  • Cotton and silk shawl, 'Blossoming Fire'

    Cotton and silk shawl, ‘Blossoming Fire’

  • Wool shawl, 'Always Charming'

    Wool shawl, ‘Always Charming’

  • Silk shawl, 'Bold Spice'

    Silk shawl, ‘Bold Spice’

  • Silk shawl, 'Pale Dawn Sky'

    Silk shawl, ‘Pale Dawn Sky’

  • Silk and wool shawl, 'Natural Radiance'

    Silk and wool shawl, ‘Natural Radiance’

  • Silk shawl, 'Pink Paisley Garden'

    Silk shawl, ‘Pink Paisley Garden’

  • Cotton and silk shawl, 'Ivory Radiance'

    Cotton and silk shawl, ‘Ivory Radiance’

  • Silk shawl, 'Purple Reflecting Pools'

    Silk shawl, ‘Purple Reflecting Pools’

  • Jamawar wool shawl, 'Indian Sunset'

    Jamawar wool shawl, ‘Indian Sunset’

  • Banarasi silk shawl, 'Fuchsia Dawn'

    Banarasi silk shawl, ‘Fuchsia Dawn’

  • Wool and silk shawl, 'Blue Sky'

    Wool and silk shawl, ‘Blue Sky’

  • Wool shawl, 'Daisy Dream'

    Wool shawl, ‘Daisy Dream’

  • Varanasi silk shawl, 'Apple Orchard'

    Varanasi silk shawl, ‘Apple Orchard’

  • Wool shawl, 'Paisley Lands'

    Wool shawl, ‘Paisley Lands’

  • Varanasi silk shawl, 'Banaras Green'

    Varanasi silk shawl, ‘Banaras Green’