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  • Silk shawl, 'Purple Reflecting Pools'

    Silk shawl, ‘Purple Reflecting Pools’

  • Field Of Flowers Scarf

  • Silk scarf, 'Bold Orchid'

    Silk scarf, ‘Bold Orchid’

  • Batik scarf, 'Olive Embrace'

    Batik scarf, ‘Olive Embrace’

  • Silk batik shawl, 'Ocean Hyacinth'

    Silk batik shawl, ‘Ocean Hyacinth’

  • Beaded crinkle silk scarf, 'Mountain Lake'

    Beaded crinkle silk scarf, ‘Mountain Lake’

  • Jamawar Wool Shawl, Daisy Realm

    Jamawar wool shawl, ‘Daisy Realm’

  • Silk batik shawl, 'Fireworks on Copper'

    Silk batik shawl, ‘Fireworks on Copper’

  • Cotton scarf, ‘Maya Jacaranda’

  • Silk scarf, 'Orchid Mystique'

    Silk scarf, ‘Orchid Mystique’

  • Scarf, 'Fabulous Earth'

    Scarf, ‘Fabulous Earth’

  • Taupe and Cream Super Soft Wool Shawl Wrap

    Wool shawl, ‘Paisley Lands’

  • Wool and Silk Shawl

    Wool and silk shawl, ‘Supple Delight’

  • Silk batik scarf, 'Mae Nam Khong Waters'

    Silk batik scarf, ‘Mae Nam Khong Waters’

  • Silk shawl, 'Green Treasure'

    Silk shawl, ‘Green Treasure’

  • Wool and silk blend shawl, 'Sweet Indiscretions'

    Wool and silk blend shawl, ‘Sweet Indiscretions’