These beautiful silk and batik scarves were hand-dyed and constructed by Thai textile artist Vinita.

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  • Tie-dyed scarf, 'Smoky Carnation'

    Tie-dyed scarf, ‘Smoky Carnation’

  • Tie-dyed scarf, 'Smoky Lily'

    Tie-dyed scarf, ‘Smoky Lily’

  • Silk shawl, 'Bold Violet'

    Silk shawl, ‘Bold Violet’

  • Silk batik shawl, 'Fireworks on Burgundy'

    Silk batik shawl, ‘Fireworks on Burgundy’

  • Silk shawl, 'Purple Reflecting Pools'

    Silk shawl, ‘Purple Reflecting Pools’

  • Silk scarf, 'Bold Lily'

    Silk scarf, ‘Bold Lily’

  • Pin tuck scarf, 'Aqua Turquoise Transition'

    Pin tuck scarf, ‘Aqua Turquoise Transition’

  • Pin tuck scarf, 'Plum Transition'

    Pin tuck scarf, ‘Plum Transition’

  • Batik scarf, 'Pink Polka Retro'

    Batik scarf, ‘Pink Polka Retro’

  • Silk scarf, 'Gray Wilderness'

    Silk scarf, ‘Gray Wilderness’

  • Damask shawl, 'Green Snow Blossoms'

    Damask shawl, ‘Green Snow Blossoms’

  • Silk and cotton scarf, 'Rose Harmony'

    Silk and cotton scarf, ‘Rose Harmony’

  • Silk scarf, 'Bold Spice'

    Silk scarf, ‘Bold Spice’

  • Scarf, 'Fabulous Earth'

    Scarf, ‘Fabulous Earth’

  • Silk pin tuck scarf, 'Olive SageTransition'

    Silk pin tuck scarf, ‘Olive SageTransition’

  • Silk scarf, 'Azure Thai River'

    Silk scarf, ‘Azure Thai River’