Do You Talk to Your Plants?

The New Yorker article, The Intelligent Plant, really hit home with me, because I’m one of those folks who talks to plants.  Although, I must confess, I never listen to hear what they may have to say. I also touch my plants and tell them that they’re beautiful (because they are), and that I’m proud of how they manage to take care of themselves in spite of (or because of) my inconsistent watering patterns. And before leaving on a trip that will have me gone of several weeks, I group them all together and explain to them exactly when I’ll be back home and ask them to just hang in there and support each other until I get back. The largest one is given supervisor duty and told to encourage the others if they seem to weaken. It’s crazy, but it works for me and my plants.

And this article says there are researchers in the field of plant neurobiology who may be in agreement with me. It also says there are plenty of scientists who say it’s hogwash. You can click here to read the article and decide for yourself. In the meantime, I’ve selected some fun and unusual handmade ceramic planters with faces. So now you can put a face, a lovely whimsical Victorian face, on the plant you’re talking to.

  • Victorian Lovelies Head Planter - Flaunting Flora Version

    Victorian Lovelies Head Planter – Flaunting Flora Version


I picked these cuties in Homeware, where you’ll find several more unique planters.