Video Tutorials for Three Easy-to-Make DIY Door Wreaths

Door wreaths offer a cheery welcome to visitors, and they’re a great way to spruce up your abode generally or to provide holiday themed decor. So I’ve selected three video tutorials for DIY door wreaths that you can make yourself, or as a group activity with friends or family. You can throw wreath-making get-togethers with the idea of everyone in the group getting a wreath of their own.
This video, How to Make a Christmas Wreath, was made by Louise, the florist at The Cracked Pot UK, so it reflects that profession’s approach. But her tutorial is easy to follow and the materials she uses can be purchased at Michaels or any such store. And, although the tutorial is about creating a Christmas wreath, I like the fact that this tutorial can be used for any type of wreath. Just change the materials. And, once your base wreath is created, you can easily modify it however you like through the year. I think this is the most practical of the tutorials if you want a year-round wreath that you can modify for the various seasons and holidays. For example, use fall leaves instead of spruce.
This tutorial, How to Make a Door Wreath from Antique Books by Jenna DeAngeles, gives you a chance to put to use some of the books libraries sell each year for next to nothing. Becoming a door wreath is a nice new life for an old book. It sure beats being destroyed, which is what usually happens to the discarded books that don’t sell. Depending on where you live, this may not be the best idea for an outdoor wreath, but it’s great for an entryway or even kitchen decor, where old cookbooks would be great source material. But, if you just cannot bring yourself to destroy an old book, this project will work as well, I think, if you use construction paper, or even a telephone book.
If you use scented pine cones, as suggested in this video, How to Make the Perfect Pine Cone Wreath by Zuliblu Crafts, you get a wreath that doubles as potpourri. But, if you live in an area, as I do, where you trip over pine cones beautifully littering the sidewalks, this wreath is even cheaper to make. I like the idea here of using white paint on the cone edges to give a snow like effect. But I also think gold paint would look great, or even no paint at all. And this is another wreath than lends itself well to various modifications across fall and winter: Maple leaves, fruit and spices, holly berries, Christmas ornaments, whatever, can easily be added to change the look of this pine cone wreath.