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  • Silk shawl, 'Green Treasure'

    Silk shawl, ‘Green Treasure’

  • Ceramic teapot, 'Frog Song'

    Ceramic teapot, ‘Frog Song’

  • Silk batik shawl, 'Ocean Currents'

    Silk batik shawl, ‘Ocean Currents’

  • Silk shawl, 'Crimson Reflecting Pools'

    Silk shawl, ‘Crimson Reflecting Pools’

  • Wool rug, ‘Pastel Calendar’ (6×8) (Peru)

  • Silk scarf, 'Cocoa Mystique'

    Silk scarf, ‘Cocoa Mystique’

  • Jute handbag, 'Salvador Nature in Red'

    Jute handbag, ‘Salvador Nature in Red’

  • Wood bangle bracelet, 'Ocean Empress'

    Wood bangle bracelet, ‘Ocean Empress’

  • Silk scarf, 'Amethyst Mystique'

    Silk scarf, ‘Amethyst Mystique’

  • Peridot pendant necklace, 'Peace Messenger'

    Peridot pendant necklace, ‘Peace Messenger’

  • Silk batik shawl, 'Fireworks on Burgundy'

    Silk batik shawl, ‘Fireworks on Burgundy’

  • Silk scarf, 'Cool Evolution'

    Silk scarf, ‘Cool Evolution’

  • Blown glass goblets, 'Sun Celebration' (set of 4)

    Blown glass goblets, ‘Sun Celebration’ (set of 4)

  • Bloodstone Sphere Earrings, ‘Moon of Justice’

  • Wood ornaments, 'Pink Rose Stars' (set of 3)

    Wood ornaments, ‘Pink Rose Stars’ (set of 3)

  • Silk scarf, 'Olive Thai Maze'

    Silk scarf, ‘Olive Thai Maze’