Syed Izaz Hussein

Syed Izaz Hussein creates beautiful handwoven scarves and shawls.  He uses natural fibers like silk, wool, and linen, and many of his pieces have intricate designs created with an ancient chain-stitching technique.  He also creates strikingly beautiful papier mache holiday ornaments.

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  • Wood ornaments, 'Pink Rose Stars' (set of 3)

    Wood ornaments, ‘Pink Rose Stars’ (set of 3)

  • Wool and silk shawl, 'Lemon Green Bliss'

    Wool and silk shawl, ‘Chartreuse Bliss’

  • Wool scarf, 'Azure Mist'

    Wool scarf, ‘Azure Mist’

  • Handcrafted Linen Shawl

    Linen shawl, ‘Sheer Hot Pink’

  • Yellow Wool and silk shawl

    Wool and silk shawl, ‘Golden Warm’

  • Wool and silk shawl, 'Fresh Adornment'

    Wool and silk shawl, ‘Fresh Adornment’

  • Hand-Loomed Wool Floral Shawl

    Wool shawl, ‘Floral Daydream’

  • Wool and silk shawl, 'Hot Orchid'

    Wool and silk shawl, ‘Hot Orchid’

  • Ornaments, 'Lavish Celebrations ' (set of 4)

    Ornaments, ‘Lavish Celebrations ‘ (set of 4)

  • Papier Mache Heart Ornaments

    Papier mache ornaments, ‘Christmas Song’ (set of 3)

  • Ornaments, 'Turquoise Garden Fantasy' (set of 4)

    Ornaments, ‘Turquoise Garden Fantasy’ (set of 4)

  • Wool shawl, 'Floral Wine'

    Wool shawl, ‘Floral Wine’

  • Wool and silk shawl, 'Burning Desire'

    Wool and silk shawl, ‘Burning Desire’

  • Taupe and Cream Super Soft Wool Shawl Wrap

    Wool shawl, ‘Paisley Lands’

  • Linen shawl, 'Sheer Amethyst'

    Linen shawl, ‘Sheer Amethyst’

  • Wool shawl, 'Daisy Dream'

    Wool shawl, ‘Daisy Dream’