This collection of indie designer clothing runs the gamut from capes to ponchos.  In between, you’ll find dresses, shirts, tunics, and more.  Artists & Brands represented include Alfredo Falcon, CP Shades, and Jorge Molina.  In every category, you can identify clothing made in the USA. The price range slider shows the range of prices in whatever category you’re viewing, but you can adjust it to your budget.  Just move the ball on the left toward the middle to your lowest price and move the ball on the right toward the middle to your highest price.  Then click Filter.  You can also change the sorting from newness to sort by price.  From any subcategory, you can get back to the top category page by clicking Clothing in the breadcrumbs above Options.

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  • Jackets

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  • Pants

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  • Leggings

    Leggings (3)

  • Shirts

    Shirts (37)

  • Skirts

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  • Sleepwear

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  • Tank Tops

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  • Tunics

    Tunics (15)

  • Ponchos

    Ponchos (38)

  • 100% alpaca poncho, 'Snowdrift'

    100% alpaca poncho, ‘Snowdrift’

  • Alpaca poncho, 'Earth Surprise'

    Alpaca poncho, ‘Earth Surprise’

  • 100% alpaca poncho, 'Huarascaran Belle'

    100% alpaca poncho, ‘Huarascaran Belle’

  • 100% alpaca ruana cloak, 'Floral Shadows'

    100% alpaca ruana cloak, ‘Floral Shadows’

  • Alpaca blend reversible poncho, 'Sublime Purple'

    Alpaca blend reversible poncho, ‘Sublime Purple’

  • Alpaca blend reversible poncho, 'Sublime Purple'

    Alpaca blend reversible poncho, ‘Sublime Violet’

  • CP Shades Shirts

    Carine Sandpiper Blouse

  • CP Shades Shirts

    Tony Wash Shirt

  • CP Shades Shirts

    Tony Plaid Shirt

  • CP Shades Shirts

    Tony Yarn-dyed Indigo Shirt

  • CP Shades Skirts

    Lily Gathered Skirt

  • CP Shades Shirts

    Angel Shadows Top

  • CP Shades Shirts

    Tony Bandwidth Shirt

  • CP Shades Shirts

    Britt Seaside Shirt

  • CP Shades Tunics

    Halle Tunic

  • CP Shades Shirts

    Tony Twill Knit Shirt