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This USA-based artisan site offers hand-spun and hand-dyed yarn.  Hover your cursor over the images and click to see an excerpt of the shop profile and to link to the artist website.  Click Open Categories to change to another category.   If knitting and weaving is not your thing, and you just want to shop for good handmade products that are already made and ready to wear, then click over to the Shopping Portal.

Photo of Maple Winds Farm Maple Winds Farm

Hand-Spun/Hand-Dyed Yarn & Handwoven Socks Let’s see, short & sweet? In 1984 I packed up my life and moved to the mountain. Threw everything on the ground and started over. I had 4 ewes, which were stolen, they, the thieves, left one lamb. So I started my flock, again. From Romney’s, Finns to the current ladies.…