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Yorktown Road

Artist: Carol Gilbert
Work San Francisco California USA Etsy Shop


Pleated Bags & Home Decor

Yorktown Road product is produced in my small workshop. I hand-dye the fabrics, draft every pattern, construct each piece and document the process with abstract and partial images. I thoroughly enjoy this work that I do.

I made my first bag as a child. The bag was very simply formed using a square loom. I can still picture my fingers pulling the cotton string over and under to create the texture of the fabric. The imperfection of the edges gave the bag so much character. The spirit with which I approached my first piece is still embedded in my work today as I create functional designs using simple forms and subtle textures.

I choose materials drawn from the natural world and alter them with random folds, pleats and seam-lines, taking inspiration from the shapes I see around me. Linen and wool are textiles I often use due to their beauty and versatility. In everything I do, the texture and form of the original material is allowed to shape the essence of the work. When I alter the component materials, the goal is to enhance a particular aspect of the textile and allow it to be seen in a new way.