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Artist: Emily Watson
Work Rochester New York USA Etsy Shop Website


Sculptural Artisan Jewelry

I came to metal smithing after college, where I was a Studio Art Major focused on Photography. I wanted to take a continuing education course that would let me be creative, and after a week of working with metal I knew I had found something I could love doing permanently.

After a few years of learning on my own I spent 3 years getting an MFA in Metal, and got the tools I needed to make well-crafted objects. The well-crafted part has always been important to me. It’s easy to make things beautiful in a picture… my goal is to make objects that, when you receive them, exceed your expectations. This includes the quality, color, feel, and detailing. I strive to make each piece with exceptional craftsmanship, so it can be worn everyday for years to come. You may find jewelry for lower prices, but when it comes to value I believe my high standards help set me apart from much of the jewelry out there. I hope you will agree!

My vision when creating jewelry is based on what I would want to wear. The pieces tend to be larger in scale, with a solid weight that allows them to withstand daily wear. Often simple and modern in form, I pay a lot of attention to details such as movement, mechanisms, and material. In both craft and art, creating something simple that can stand on its own and garner attention is often more difficult than creating something busy.