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Vinosus Jewelry

Artist: Marty Kneeland
Work Tacoma Washington USA Best American Arts Website


Elegant Silver and Gold Jewelry

Vinosus Jewelry is hand fabricated metalwork with only a little use of soldering, welding and casting. This means that almost every piece is completely hand made in our Pacific Northwest studio. A signature brushed metal finish is applied to most of sterling silver and 14k gold-fill designs, with some offering a high polished finish. All pearls are fresh water, gems are AAA grade quality, and metals are sourced eco-friendly. When you wear Vinosus Jewelry you are wearing a piece of art made from the heart.

Vinosus Jewelry offers architecturally elegant designs that evoke the confidence of your personal style. The artists, Martin James Kneeland and Brit-Simone Sutter focus on creations that resonate with you, revealing and illustrating the unique connection we all share in our adoration of art, creativity and life’s abundance.

Offering a magnificent blend of metals and gems, Vinosus Jewelry’s limitless allure bestows artwork for both men and women. Each piece of jewelry is an expression of life’s influences, experiences, nature, and architecture presented in an emblematic wearable form for your interpretation.

Designs are fabricated with quality sterling silver, 14k gold, 18k gold, 14k gold-fill, fresh water pearls, natural gems and diamonds.