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Valerie Galloway

Artist: Valerie Galloway
Work Tucson Arizona USA Etsy Shop


Art Prints & Original Art

I’m influenced by old family photos, especially ones of my French mother and her sister. They always looked so glamorous with their fabulous hairdos from the 1960’s. I’m also influenced by French New Wave cinema, and old American TV shows from the 1960’s and 70’s. Recreating some of these looks is a way for me to recapture moments from my childhood, and I relish enveloping myself in the spirit of that era.

Stripes and polka dots…the soothing repetition comforts me!

Another great influence is the movie Amadeus, which had a huge impact on my creative life. The exaggerated hair featured in this film made such an impression on me, and I love recreating the power and magic of that huge hair in many of my paintings.

I feel fortunate to live the artistic life. It definitely has it’s sacrifices, but it’s worth every minute to have the joyful opportunity to make art on a daily basis.

I love my Etsy shop, doing craft shows, and exhibiting my work several times a year.