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Artist: Alan Winick
Work P.O. Box 243 Westport Connecticut 06880-0243 USA Phone: 203.454.7214 Website


Unusual & Custom Tide Clocks

Tidepieces tide clocks are the world’s most unusual tide clocks. A precision tide clock combined with a GRADUALLY CHANGING PICTURE reflects your actual local tide conditions. Each is hand made here in my Connecticut studio. Hardwood case. Dimensions are 11″high x 6.5″wide x 2.5″deep.

Whether you enjoy the beach, boating, fishing, surfing, or just love the ocean as I do, these special pieces will grace a wall or mantel in your beach house, business space, or home.

Custom clocks and one-of-a-kind “Tide Machines” are available.

Anyone who loves the sea will love Tidepieces!