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The Quiet Woods

Artist: Kim Sheridan-Dugmore
Work 25 Covel Avenue Round Lake (Village) New York USA Phone: (518) 708-3997 Website


Handmade Oxidized Silver Jewelry

I am a former NYC residential interior designer who after spending 15 years at my craft has escaped the city for a simpler life taking my spare and modernist sensibility with me.

The patina of old barns and rust remind us to add some age to our pieces. Corrugated metal and shipping containers promotes the use of linear shapes in our work. Minor chords in music move us and inspire us to always be subtle in our undertakings. And finally there must always be room for playfulness and whimsy. A found object or an unintentional juxtaposition keeps us fresh in our musings.

The Quiet Woods’ designs incorporate elemental shapes and restful spaces. Our look is delicate, chic and a touch industrial. Entirely made of oxidized sterling silver we add the occasional semi-precious stone for color. Delicate and fine, our pieces are exquisitely personal.

Worn close and cherished. Tender jewelry.

The Quiet Woods is a collaborative journey I take with my mother.

We are Kim Sheridan-Dugmore & Mue Ziegler