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Unique Handmade Rings, Pendants & Ear Cuffs

We’ve been making jewelry since 1975, other than the years we spent owning a wonderful American craft gallery and selling other people’s work. Inspired by the beauty of our natural surroundings here on the wild northern California coast, we take our cue from natural shapes and natural materials.

Both of us, Ed and Sandy, (husband and wife for {gasp!} 40+ years) design and fabricate the jewelry pieces, and we work on a design until it makes us smile….because then we know it will make you smile.

We live in a tiny village at the southern end of Mendocino county, about a hundred miles (as the crow flies…not by the winding roads) north of San Francisco. We feel so blessed to step out under the redwood trees or look out to see the Pacific Ocean stretched out to the horizon. Quiet (except when the sea lions are barking down on the beach) and peaceful, this is an amazing place to live.

We also sell our jewelry at the local Arts organization gallery in town, a couple of other galleries, and we’ve been selling online for 10 years.

All of our jewelry is created, one at a time, by hand. If a piece is marked OOAK (One of a kind), you will receive the piece pictured on the listing.

Otherwise, you will receive a piece of the same quality as shown and as similar as can be made by human hand but with very slight differences due to the handcrafted nature.

That’s the beauty of handmade…each one is truly an original.