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Artist: Lyle Shabram
Work 8 Vía Contenta Carmel Valley California 93924 USA Phone: 831-659-5818 Website


Handcrafted Collapsible Folding Tables

Spiderlegs® are beautifully handcrafted collapsible folding tables. Made from quality woods, a Spiderlegs® table can be used for extra dining, games, puzzles and projects at home. They’re great for temporary desk space. Use them as an RV table, elegant camping table, outdoor table you can easily put away, concert in the park, a display table, contractors table, artists table, tailgating table, boat table… You are limited only by your imagination.

Spiderlegs® collapse into a wonderfully portable “suitcase” that can be easily stored or transported between uses. Spiderlegs® work well on many uneven surfaces as the base flexes with the ground. Spring loaded locking hinges keeps the table open when you want it, while depressing the buttons releases each leg allowing easy breakdown.

Strength, stability, and versatility in an attractive design… Spiderlegs® adds style and convenience to any occasion when a temporary table is needed.