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Artist: Mary Bono
Warwick New York USA Etsy Shop


Bracelets Made From Buttons

SnoozeCrafts creates modern bracelets from antique buttons, and colorful bags and totes from plastic shopping bags. It all started with a cat and a hat . . . It was the usual scramble to fill my Christmas gift list. Over a family dinner in NYC, my niece admired a striped and felted wool hat I’d made my husband (her uncle), and hinted that she’d love one in purple and green–“but not green-green–you know, that kind of limey yellow-green…” (the only green I truly love–the first green of Spring). From that mental check on my list to finding a skein of that green, to deciding everyone would get a hat that year was an easy progression. Then, one day, doing the felting shimmy-shake alongside the washing machine, I got hooked. I could not STOP making hats. Maybe I could sell them at craft fairs…I’d always liked that idea…I should sit down and try making bracelets from all those buttons I’ve got too…and so it goes.A friend introduced me ETSY, and the seed for SnoozeCrafts was planted–(though I’ve yet to offer hats there–YET). Connecting the concept of an online shop with the tabby cat I’d crocheted some years before was the final step. The cat was an illustration assignment for a Deloitte & Touche centennial report–20 different artists interpreting a theme–“on being 100.” I display the original at shows, where it always attracts attention and hands, and offer matted prints there and in my ETSY shop.