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Artist: Bob Anderson
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Hanging Garden Chairs

In 1977, we crafted our chairs in a cabin in the woods of Wisconsin. Later, a school bus served as both our workshop and home. For 20 years we lived and worked in Boulder, Colorado, and today our Workshop is found in Minnesota. Though we’ve changed locations and our family has grown, the way we do business has stayed the same.

We still craft our original, award-winning hanging chair by hand. We still travel to meet our customers in their communities at street fairs and festivals. And, after the sale, we still support our customers the best way we know how: just like a SKY chair.

What a SKY Chair® is made of:
DURAVAS™ canvas, for durability and comfort. Our DURAVAS™ is treated with natural paraffin wax for mildew resistance and water repellency. Heavy duty woven polypropylene reinforces the perimeter to maintain your chair’s trademark shape year in and year out. Super-strong nylon thread and our habit of double and triple stitching make our chairs tough. SKY rope is 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch hollow braided polypropylene, a UV resistant fiber system with over 2400 pounds of tensile strength. Sky dowels are kiln-dried North American White Ash – a strong but flexible wood and one which is sustainably harvested. Each dowel is inspected for straight grain and hand rubbed with two coats of Danish wood oil. Our zinc-plated steel custom screw eye is rated at 350 pounds for daily use.

Now the best part, the design: starting from the top, your chair hangs from a single point, so requires a circle of space just five feet across. Two adjustable knots allow you to easily recline your chair to an angle that suits you. The result is a perfectly balanced support system for your feet, legs, and each vertebra in your back – a cradle of comfort®.

We also offer the SKY Chair in BOBLOTEX®, an All-Weather fabric- made of a vinyl coated polyester weave. This material is very water and mildew resistant and perfect for use in areas where continuous exposure to moisture cannot be avoided.

Whether your chair is handed to you by a member of our family at a community festival, or delivered from our workshop to your door, we consider every chair to be a gift from our family to yours.