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Artist: Mehran
Vancouver B.C. Canada Etsy Shop


Handmade Vegan Bags & Totes

I think my doll was the luckiest one in the whole world. She had every thing in her home , all hand made by me…area rug, curtain, pot holder, laundry bag , swim suit , handbag, even a fur coat…

After all those years , although my field of education is far far from art, design, beauty, color or nature…, I love making beautiful things for real people and I enjoy when someone appreciates love and time that I put in a handmade item.

My name is Mehran and I am the designer behind Sisoi.I’m an engineer and worked many years as a university instructor. Since my children have grown up and I don’t work out of home any more (don’t try to guess my age please), I now have more time to do what I love to do. Throughout the years , I have created items by using different media, such as yarn, thread, beads, fabric, wood, glass, polymer clay…there is no hidden story behind what is fun for me. If I like it, I do it.

I have no interest in making hundreds of copies of anything. I continuously design something new or modify my previous creations and that’s why I have a variety of handbags in my shop , which by the way, is naturally more time consuming and less profitable, but it is a passion.

When you browse my shop and read those descriptions…please don’t be surprised… English is my second language!