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Simone Walsh Jewellery

Artist: Simone Walsh
Work PO Box 98 Lobethal SA 5241 Australia Website


Silver, Gold & Gemstone Jewelry

For over 20 years Simone Walsh Handmade Jewellery has delighted our lovely customers, who adore our delicate designs, along with our precious materials and attention to detail.

Every piece in the Simone Walsh jewellery range is lovingly designed and made in materials like in silver, gold and gemstones. We use metalwork techniques to create our designs: both ancient and contemporary.

Simone Walsh Handmade Jewellery is based in the Adelaide hills in Australia, but you’ll find our designs worn all over the world.

We use as much recycled precious metal as we can, do our best to source ethically mined or made gemstones and generally aim to operate an eco-friendly and sustainable business.

We now partner with an ethically operated jewellery workshop outside of Australia to help produce some of our components. However, almost all of our designs are still hand finished and assembled by us, with many still being entirely made in our studio.