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Scabby Robot

Artist: Jill Harrell
San Francisco California USA Website


Leather Wedge Bags, Device Sleeves & Square All-Purpose Wallets

Started in 2006, Scabby Robot has been Jill’s space for experimentation and play in object making and object selling. Jill Harrell completed her Industrial Design degree in 2003, with a focus on soft goods, at the California College of Arts and Crafts in San Francisco.

All items are made by the designer, Jill Harrell. She hand cuts, constructs, finishes and ships each piece personally. She trusts her heavy duty industrial sewing machine to stitch and assemble the thick leathers she prefers to work with.

There’s magic in the transformation from flat material to volumed vessel, from skin to realized object. Jill is always folding shapes in her imagination. She delights in daydreaming the motion between potential and embodiment.