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When crossing the Maine state border from the south the welcoming sign to the state reads, “MAINE The way life should be”. And once that border has been crossed there is a transformation that takes place. The traffic dissipates. The clouds may even clear to reveal blue skies. A more relaxed state permeates. You get the sense that you have been transported to a world past, where things are a bit more simple. Indeed, this is the way life should be.

It is this feeling and mentality that I bring to soap making. I use the cold process method, relying on the natural process of saponification to make my soaps. Saponification is the chemical reaction between a fat (the oils) and a base (the lye) that results in a salt (the soap). I make soap for those with sensitivities. Whether you have senstive skin, or allergies, or are just unexplainably sensitive to the world around you, my soaps are made with you in mind. There are no essential oils or fragrance oils added to my soaps, ever. Instead, I have created a collection of soaps with herbal infused oils specific to skin care, as well as a host of thoughtfully selected teas, clays and minerals to assist your skin in returning to its natural and healthy state of being.

Although no additional scents or fragrances are added, my soap does have an odor. It is the natural scent of the saponified oils, herbal infusions and thoughtful inclusions. What I am trying to say is that my soap smells, well, it smells like soap!