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Artist: Renee Ford
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Hammered Metal Art Jewelry

I love hammering metal. I REALLY love hammering metal on my anvil. My anvil is a little piece of history. It has been in my family for over 100 years. It started out working for the Illinois railroad, and then took a journey to a farm in central Illinois. From there, it ended up rusted, dirty, and forgotten in a storage unit where I discovered it a few decades later. I hauled the 150 pound beauty out of there and into my studio. Then, it became mine.

It has grooves and rough spots, weird carved out areas that were once where tools and metal parts were formed. I love the nuances of the surface. Every piece of jewelry I make passes over the surface of that anvil in one way or another. For some pieces, whole development takes place there; other pieces just briefly pass its surface…

It is what makes my pieces unique. There are no anvils quite like mine and not coincidentally, no other jewelry quite like mine. I take great pride in making pieces that capture rich surface textures. And, I love the idea that each piece of jewelry takes a little bit of history on to its next adventure. It makes each piece authentic.

The intent of my work is to create pieces that capture a feeling, a connection being made and translating that into a wearable piece. The connections, memories, feelings, interpretations are manipulated into patterns, textures and metal drawings. Sometimes I discover things a long the way and develop a new path to the finished piece. Its part of what I enjoy most about the process of creating.

Constant thirst for knowledge has me exploring, refining and learning everyday. Immersion in my craft, feeds my soul. It is who I am. Know that the passion I put into every piece is truthful and real. It is my voice, my soul. From my hammer and heart, it becomes yours. May you find the same joy in wearing my work that i have found in creating it.