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Artist: Kathryn Arnett
Work 1830 E Broadway Blvd Ste 124-102 Tucson Arizona 85719 USA Phone: 866-978-5915 Etsy Shop Website


Scrapyard Sculpture

Re-imagining recycled materials into art is my passion! My first trip to a scrap yard was in 1991. That trip unexpectedly touched a creative part in me. Seeing the enormous piles of scrap metal triggered a visual and visceral emotion. I instantaneously knew that my art forms would be transformed from that moment on. Since that first visit to the scrap yard, I have worked solely in recycled materials, resulting in thousands of tons of metal and wood staying out of landfills!

My guiding philosophy is that everyone has their own choices to make in their lives. I have chosen to recycle scrap materials to create my art forms. I believe that to recycle is to take special care of ourselves, the future of our children, and our planet.

It is so gratifying to share my art with others and maybe even inspire them to reuse more, put less in our landfills and protect the planet we all call home.