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Pretty Birdie

Artist: Stephanie Trippe
Work Greensboro North Carolina USA Etsy Shop Heartful Blog


Hemp & Sustainable Textile Clothing

Pretty Birdie is separated into 3 main categories Bamboo Basics, Hemp Essentials and Organic wedding gowns. Pretty Birdie’s Bamboo Basics is a simple, easy to wear line of everyday, elegant pieces made from Organic Bamboo. Pretty Birdie’s Hemp Essentials is where you will find my Suits and more structured pieces all made from different fabrics featuring amazing, sustainable hemp. Pretty Birdie Bridal features wedding dresses and gowns made from various organic fabrics with the occasional use of vintage lace. My name is Stephanie Trippe and I am the designer and seamstress behind Pretty Birdie Co.

~All pieces are handmade by me with great care and attention to detail. Each piece is custom, made to order in your specific measurements or you can choose from xs to xl if you prefer. I produce quality, high end custom clothing that is also gentle on the environment. Perfect fit and your happiness are my number one goal! This is my passion. Together we can save the environment one piece at a time!