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Antique bottle shaped beeswax candles

Just after we were married back in 2007, we decided to simplify our lives and sell off most of our “stuff”. We left our expensive southern California loft, and shacked up in an old (but newly self-renovated) Winnebago.

We have so many creative ideas and a zest for travel, and this new life would help us find time and resources for both. After a lengthy honeymoon, backpacking through Southeast Asia for four months, we returned stateside and began working on renovating our rolling home : )

We spent years traveling & living in “Miss Winnie” in various beach towns along the coast of Southern California, and we stayed open to what might be next.

We weren’t planning on making candles, but sometimes life’s adventures find you. One day, while we were exploring a new town we’d just moved to, we came upon a little beach cove that would change our lives.

While sifting out sea glass and playing with hermit crabs, juwels found an antique bottle washed up and half buried in the sand. And the very next day, that find inspired our Antique Bottle Shaped Candles : )