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Artist: Scott Trabucco
Work South Kent Connecticut USA Phone: (203) 837-6499 Etsy Shop Website


Handcrafted Reproduction Furniture

My name is Scott Trabucco, I started Old Stone Furniture in 2006 after 14 years of working in and studying various facets of the woodworking trade, including guitar making, furniture making and custom cabinet shops.  My intention was to make furniture that embodied the spirit of craftsmanship that existed before the era of mechanization.

Before we came to rely on machines to build our furniture, individual craftsman, in addition to fulfilling a utilitarian need, also infused their work with their own individual sense of design and meaning.  My aim is to return that respect for craftsmanship to its rightful place within the craft of furniture making.

Handmade furniture is a unique combination of utility and beauty that gains cultural importance as it is cherished and passed down from one generation to the next.  All of my furniture is made by me, with traditional hand tools and joinery techniques that are centuries old.  My furniture is inspired by the past but built with great care and attention to the needs of the present.