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Nix Creations

Artist: Matthew Nix
Work St. Louis Missouri USA Etsy Shop


Glass Eyes & Pendants

I have been creative for many years and got into pendant making by accident. My father had told me how my grandmother used to fry marbles and make broaches and hatpins out of them. I started making pendants with fried marbles and had a store make a very large order and I was hooked.

I’ve always been into wire wrapping and have even put out my own dvd series to teach others. I started doing my own fused glass and polymer clay work for a few years. I started my own perfume pendant line. I then got into mixed media pendant making with resin. I then got into making my own glass eyes two years because there wasn’t many taxidermy eyes to choose from. I was the FIRST person on Etsy to start offering handmade glass eyes. I make and offer my own designs to keep them unique. I am always learning and trying to expand my business.

I do offer wholesale… so contact me to inquire…