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Artist: Stephano Diaz and Troy Mattison
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Infinity Scarf Necklace

Necklush is a patented infinity scarf necklace hybrid developed by Stephano Diaz and Troy Mattison Hicks originally in Brooklyn NY – now in Athens GA. We first started selling our Necklush circle scarves on the streets of NYC in 2008. The results were instant and over the top. People go nuts for Necklush! Our pieces are spotted all over the world now, its always exciting to hear how far our scarves will travel.

The patterns/prints you see on our scarves we print by hand, they are not store-bought material. So when you buy a Necklush you are buying a little work of art(!) hand crafted and handmade for you to order. We have recently moved our studio to the wonderful city of Athens, GA.