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Artist: Nadira El Khang
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Handcrafted Leather Bags & Wallets

Nadira El Khang, the founder of NadiraBag, grew up in Marrakesh, Morocco, a place where most businesses are all operated by men. She was helping her father by fixing vintage leather bags, leather poufs, pillows and rugs, serving their customers all over the world in her father’s bazaar.

It was difficult for this young lady, who dreams about owning her own business, to break into the industry. Can you imagine how difficult to pursue your dream while going against the fabric of your society?

Fortunately, Nadira had an extremely important person to support her dream– her Father. Her father is a business owner and has been the only successful entrepreneur in her family. He is Nadria’s role model, teacher, and most important – supporter.

Nadira came to the U.S. as an undergraduate student and majored in accounting at LaGuardia Community College. While studying, she couldn’t stop designing bags, which led her to start her own leather-making business. Her decision was solidified when EVERY SINGLE BAG WAS SOLD at the flea market in Williamsburg and at Chelsea Market.

I believe that art has something to do with its maker!! Each bag is made with passion and love. Your bag will be a truly original unique Bag, hand cut, hand doubled stitched with waxy thick thread, hand sewn and made of high quality leather.