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Artist: Mimi Kichner
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Original One-of-a-Kind Handmade Fabric Art Toys

I am a life-long artist with a passion for fine handwork and meticulous detail. I am creating a population of fabric art people and creatures to go out into the world. They are my imaginary friends, my dream children, me.

I am Mimi Kirchner and have been a working artist for more then 30 years. I started making original cloth dolls in 2000. I work at home in Arlington, Massachusetts, USA. In the fall of 2005, I cleaned out my parents’ house and had to deal with the remains of 50+ years of my Mom’s fashion sewing. She loved beautiful fabrics. There was clothing and yardage, scraps and bolts. I am always inspired by handling materials and so this new line of recycled wool dolls was born.

The dolls are my original designs and patterns. They are made in series- I often do several dolls at a time from the same pattern, but each is unique in its’ fabrics and details. I consider each doll to be one of a kind. I mostly work with natural fibers, especially all kinds of wool- woven, knit, yarns, recycled sweaters and new 100% wool felt. I also use recycled cashmere, mohair, angora and linen. I incorporate new, vintage and antique trims, buttons, lace and sewing notions. The dolls are stuffed with high quality polyester and/or wool.  I machine wash and dry all fabrics before I use them.

I work out of my house in Arlington, Massachusetts which is a suburb of Boston. My favorite materials are what I refer to as rescued fabrics- that is fabric that would otherwise become part of the waste stream. The fabrics I prefer come from reclaimed clothing, damaged yard goods, fabric remnants, and someone’s un-loved stash. I combine those fabrics with new 100% wool felt and special new fabrics to bring my fabric creations to life. I am always on the hunt for inspiring colors and patterns.