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Artist: Chris Alexander
Work Denver Colorado USA Etsy Shop


Hand Forged Belt Buckles

Hello there, my name is Chris. I did some sheet metal work in high school, but my first real metal experiments were performed on unsuspecting vintage motorcycles in a dimly lit garage in Denver, CO. I tried the corporate world for a few years, but I didn’t last very long.

My interest in metal eventually led me to blacksmithing and I discovered its ability to unleash the potential of metal. I was offered an apprenticeship with a blacksmith in the mountains of Colorado. Fast forward a couple of years and here I am, making buckles, belts, and other cool stuff on Etsy.

I make all my high quality hand forged belt buckles for men and women by hand. I don’t have any employees, every piece is handmade by me. Each belt buckle is a unique work of art, crafted on my anvil with a hammer and fire. All of our buckles bear the hammer marks and imperfections of real forged steel. The quality and look of our buckles can’t be achieved by mass production.