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Artist: Jacqueline
Work Huntington Beach California USA Etsy Shop Website


From concept, design, pattern to finish, working around the clock to ensure high quality clothing and personal 1 to 1 customer care. From a small minmal studio in sunny California, I started lamixx with a passion to create clothing I would truly love to wear, with price consciousness, comfort and minimal casual chic at the core.. hope you find something you like and stay awhile…

I love learning, growing & thinking outside of the box. Treating others as I would like to be treated is a core value for lamixx customer care… I’ve worked since 15 and was instilled early on with a strong work ethic. Simple at heart a warm cup of coffee can make my day.. My down time usually includes a good book or enjoying deep conversation with great friends. I am inspired by life, authenticity & kindness in all forms. In the stillness of silence is when my thoughts are at their best. I remind myself to enjoy the journey because the destination is the icing on the cake. I love the possibilities of the unknown and the beauty of everyday…