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LA Black

Artist: Leslie Ann Black
Work Bloomsburg Pennsylvania USA Etsy Shop Website


Fiber Baskets & Bags

LA Black, is my vision of ever evolving design and function. I have never had much time for things that have no function in my everyday life. That being said, if there is real function let the design inspire me to use it!
LA Black studio is based in beautiful Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. A town (the only one in Pennsylvania) that offers such diversity, thanks to Bloomsburg University, and the creative people who call this area home.

Our Products

All of our LA Black products are hand constructed in our studio, nothing is farmed out to distant lands. LA Black also embraces the idea of having all of our materials home-grown. Our products were conceived and born here in the USA.

LA Black Style

The traditional part of this equation consists of our use of 100% cottons, canvas, and natural merino wools. When we are lucky we also use upcycled materials whenever possible.

The industrial edge comes in the use of the hardware. Coated steel cables (try tearing that up), solid aluminum ferrels (the thingys that hold the cable closed), and solid grommets mechanically set.  A visit to the local hardware could also bring some out of the box uses, unconventional to say the least.

Ultimately we love fun! We adore funky fabrics, and sometimes that is all it takes to make our day, and hopefully yours as well.