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Keven O’Grady

Artist: Kevin O’Grady
Work Scottsdale Arizona USA Phone: 480.874.9642 Website Heartful Blog


Borosilicate Art Glass Bracelets

Kevin O’Grady has been working with glass since 1988 and has taught and demonstrated torch work techniques around the U.S.  He is a pioneer in borosilicate art glass and is known for his innovation in boro color and form.  He is a master glass bracelet maker and has massively innovated inlay to create new exciting, comtemporary glass and silver jewelry.  Kevin was one of the first glass artists to master gold and silver fuming, using opals in glass, and creating intricate murrine canes. He created and perfected the Vortex Marble Technique which has become one of the most well known and copied forms of collectable art glass. His pieces are more than jewelry…..they are wearable art!