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Julie Garland Jewelry

Artist: Julie Garland
Work Oakville Ontario Canada Etsy Shop


Handmade Gemstone Jewelry in Sterling, Brass & Goldfill

It all started when I worked at a jewelry store in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. In addition to the welcome bonus of escaping a cold Canadian winter (yay!), I fell in love with all the sparkly gems around me.

I moved from Mexico to Texas in 2007 where I started to take some simple bead-stringing courses and became somewhat obsessed with collecting gems and beads. I found out about Etsy from a friend and soon after opened up shop. (In between then and now I had a beautiful son and moved again and again and then another time and am currently back in Canada!)

My style has evolved over time but the goal has remained consistent – I want to create stylish, high-quality jewelry that women love to wear.