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Artist: Julianne
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Ceramic Spoon Rests & Pendants

My leaves last forever!  And I love nature & the outdoors. When I’m not making clay items or jewelry, I am in my gardens – I have several.

The leaf spoon rests and pendants are handmade, hand formed out of clay, then pressed with a real leaf by me. Sometimes I use a Rubbermaid container or whatever I can find that looks good. Some of my designs are made from a pendant I may have.

After my clay items dry, I smooth them out by hand using a damp sponge or very fine steel wool. I don’t like ragged edges.

After the first firing, it is glazed and fired again. My pendants are not always flat – but that is what makes them so unique. Due to the increase in cost for clay and cords and I want to keep the cost of my pendants low, I will no longer include the cords in my new pendant listings.

My spoon rests can be used as a tea bag holder or a simple trinket dish. They all curve up a little and some might not sit real flush with the counter or stove. The firing in the kiln will do that sometimes. All my pieces are signed “Jules” on the bottom – or I at least try to remember.

I will take special or custom orders, but not on everything. It is very hard to duplicate a glaze – no two are exactly alike.