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Jeanette Zeis

Artist: Jeanette Zeis
Work Portland Oregon USA Etsy Shop


Handmade Pottery Tableware

Jeanette Zeis Ceramics is a tiny pottery in Portland, Oregon. Having recently moved to the Pacific Northwest from Atlanta, Georgia- Jeanette is trying to balance long hikes in the woods with a productive pottery studio practice.
Kenn Twofour provides the photography skills and the behind-the-scenes cheerleading.

A full-time potter since 2008, Jeanette loves working with clay. It is a constant source of awe and education. If she isn’t actually making pots, chances are pretty good that she is thinking about making pots.

Her pottery line contains beautiful and original housewares. Wonderfully crafted, with an eye for detail. Gorgeous pieces for everyday use and for lovely displays. An admirer of vintage housewares, her color palette reflects a love for fiesta ware. The details are often inspired by crystal and textiles. A bit of tufting from an antique sofa. A scallop from her grandmother’s cut-glass collection. And it is her hope that her pottery pieces will be passed on for generations, becoming a treasured heirloom, in the same way that the items she is inspired by often are.

VeganDish is a reflection of her veganism and desire to spread awareness. A simple way to start a conversation with a co-worker or friend about the advantages to humans and animals of adopting a vegan lifestyle. Made for vegans, by a vegan.

Many thanks to Sarah Kramer for her support and using VeganDish in the 10th anniversary edition of the quintessential cookbook “How It All Vegan.”