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Artist: Iris Mansard
Work 332 Bleeker Street, # K133 New York New York 10014 USA Phone: (212) 330-6523 Website


Iris Mansard is a fashion designer, well known in Europe and USA since the 80ies.  Born the 27th may 1946 in Linz (Austria) in a bourgeois family she has to move in the age of 7 for a little village in the south of Munich en Germany. She discover her love for nature and a deep osmosis which will help her all her life to stay grounded and in the same time linked to a fulfilling mysticism.  After studying sociology a Munich from 1965 to 1968 at the university she travels to Paris and discover the HANDWEAVING. In one second Iris knows that she can use all her talents in this specific activity:

-her sense of organization and mathematics for the construction of the loom
-her talent for fantasy for the mix of materials
-her art for the mix of colors
-her intellectual rigor for constructing the patterns   and she is flowering.