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Artist: Lyndsay Brown
Work Seattle Washington USA Etsy Shop Heartful Blog


Hand Forged Silver and Stone Jewelry

Each piece of jewelry is made with my hands and the highest quality materials. I specialize in sterling silver, vintage elements and semi-precious stones.

An imaginative blend of vintage elements and original designs—featuring high-quality sterling silver, semi-precious stones, and old treasures made new.

Sexy, sweet, edgy, lighthearted, understated, glam…
every piece has a unique style and a story, brought to life by my never idle hands, with both joy and appreciation for what I do and the customers who make it possible.

My style emerged, in part, from frequenting thrift stores with my grandma, where I was drawn to vintage items and developed a passion for taking something old and giving it a new life—and new story.

The Sutured Heart, my signature piece, is about taking pain and turning it into something new and beautiful.