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Artist: Farrah Sit
Work Brooklyn New York USA Phone: (401) 241-9527 Etsy Shop Website Heartful Blog


Porcelain Planters and Home Decor

With the ethos “own less and own well,” designer Farrah Sit focuses on creating strikingly simple objects that speak to their intended purpose.

A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Sit spent years in the fashion industry, designing the tabletop collection for Calvin Klein, as well as luxury home decor collections for Vera Wang and Kim Seybert.  As the marketplace trended toward producing more products more cheaply, Farrah realized she needed to get her hands dirty again and return to the heart of the design process.

Sit began doing everything from metal welding to hand carving wood and forging her own flatware. She found her niche, and has since teamed up with local artisans and manufacturers to produce everything carefully and precisely at home in New York. Sit focuses on creating beautiful, functional objects through fair, sustainable production. Her work reflects this intention in the quality and originality of each product, her exacting attention to detail coupled with a quiet minimalism.

A selection of Farrah’s designs have appeared in London Design Week, New York Design Week and American Design Club/Sight Unseen’s NoHo Next showcase. The designer will be launching a new collection from her own line at the 2013 New York Gift Fair.